DENVER (CBS4) – Area 52 — ahem, Denver International Airport — is embracing all of the conspiracy theories that surround it. If you’ve visited the airport recently you probably noticed these signs posted around the main terminal.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: Denver International Airport)

(credit: CBS)

The signs refer to the multitude of odd theories about DIA, including the one that there are lizard people — or “Reptoids” — living under the property.


A visit to the website which is featured in the signs details some of the most popular conspiracies:

– The airport was built by the New World Order.

– The airport contains the Illuminati headquarters.

– The artwork contain clues to the apocalypse.

– Underground baggage tunnels are waiting to house the world’s elite when the world comes to an end.

Airport officials said the quirky signs will stay up in the Jeppesen Terminal throughout the Great Hall construction project.

(credit: CBS)

The airport is updating the security screening process as well as improving the experience for passengers in the airport waiting for their flights. Both airline check-in and TSA will be on Level 6 with new dining and retail options taking over Level 5. The airport will also update the infrastructure and systems inside the terminal like heating and cooling, escalators, elevators, and restrooms. The project is set for completion in 2021.

See more of the funny conspiracy signs in a photo gallery.


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