DENVER (CBS4) –  Now that school is back in session, and families are getting busy, it may be hard to find time for healthy meals. Recently, Chef Jose Guerrero of the Viewhouse Eatery, Bar & Rooftop shared some healthy recipes with Boys & Girls Club members. Healthy snacks that are easy enough they can make them themselves.

(credit CBS)

“I want them to take home, to eat with purpose, one. But number two, how easy it is to create something healthy,” Guerrero told CBS4.

Guerrero set up cups of berries, yogurt, granola. He showed the children how to layer them in a cup to make a yogurt parfait.

(credit CBS)

“That’s the brain food, get yourself going on a positive track in the morning,” Guerrero explained.

(credit CBS)

He then showed the club members how to make an easy salad in a cup that can be carried on the go. The salad included lettuce, chicken, and boiled egg slices.

“It’s just a good protein grab,” Guerrero said.

(credit CBS)

Then the children got to put together their own healthy trail mix, from ingredients including granola, chocolate covered raisons, sunflower seeds, pretzels, and other trail mix goodies.

(credit CBS)

“I really like bananas, so the dried bananas was like my favorite. I kind of save those for last… you know like the thing you like the best you save it for last,” said 17-year-old Rachel Haynes, a Boys & Girls Club member.

Haynes said that the recipes are so easy she feels confident, she can incorporate them into her everyday schedule.

(credit CBS)

“Instead of buying salads that are like $3…$5, I can just make them at home easy, and in something I can keep bringing back and forth, instead of like throwing it away every time I use it,” Haynes told CBS4.

(credit CBS)

The healthy snacks demonstration is part of  the Viewhouse’s ongoing partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. Chef Guerrero has been helping the students at the Owens Boys & Girls Club grow a garden this summer. The club members have developed a few products from the fruits and vegetables that they’ve grown and will be holding a Farmers Market on Thursday, September 20th from 5:30 – 7 p.m.


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