DENVER (CBS4)– Flaggers are back at some A Line crossings after testing on the G Line northwest of the Denver metro area revealed a glitch.

RTD says a software bug discovered during testing of the still unopened G Line meant the flaggers would have to be back at certain A Line crossings once again.

The flaggers were removed from the A Line in June after federal and state regulators say the technology at the crossings had met standards.

Flaggers on the A Line Tuesday morning (credit: CBS)

For the past few years the gates along the A Line crossing were having technical issues. RTD said the gates would lower too soon and stay down too long. The technology at several crossings was said to be fixed in June.

The software bug was discovered during testing on the G Line in Arvada last week. Because of that glitch, the Federal Railroad Association required that RTD put flaggers back at the affected crossings, three along the A Line and one along the B Line.

(credit: CBS)

The crossings at Steele, York and Clayton Streets will have flaggers as a precautionary measure while RTD investigates the problem and conducts a software upgrade.

RTD asks that drivers be patient during the process.

(credit: CBS)

“The crossing attendants are there in case there’s a false activation during the software update, which has happened. That means the gates come down and there isn’t a train there. They can tell the drivers hold on, this will clear in a minute,” said RTD spokesman Scott Reed.

The software upgrade won’t have any impact on the train schedule or operations but RTD says it’s possible the A Line glitches could mean more delays for the G Line.

It is unclear how long the flaggers will remain at those crossings.


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