CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A dog that had been missing for nearly three weeks has been found alive in the mountains of Chaffee County. Bentley, a goldendoodle, was thrown from a vehicle which rolled 600 feet down Iron Chest Road on Aug. 7.

The crash killed 43-year-old Jennifer Orr and injured her adult daughter, Sam, who are from Kansas. Sam was airlifted to a hospital after the crash, but has since been trying to find Bentley for the last couple of weeks.

The family created a Facebook page to keep the public informed of their search and to ask for help looking for Bentley.

Sam posted on the page saying Bentley was seen running downhill away from the crash. But, the last few days he was seen sitting on the same mountain above the crash site.

On Saturday, she posted about her effort to approach Bentley which she said seemed fearful and moved away from her. She says after she followed him up to the ridge, and he didn’t come to her, she sat down and ate some food and unpacked a new toy for Bentley.

When he still would not come to her, Sam says she “decided to give him some space.” When she came back, the two started moving closer to each other, and Bentley eventually walked into her arms.

She says Bentley is a little malnourished and dehydrated, but is okay.