DENVER (CBS4) – Leonardo Da Vinci is known as one of the greatest painters of all times; however, he was also a master inventor who thought well ahead of his time. Many of his drawings and ideas wouldn’t come to fruition until hundreds of years later.

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Da Vinci’s genius is on display at the Da Vinci X- The Machines & You Exhibition. The private exhibit has partnered with the Colorado School of Mines for a six-month stay at the Denver Pavilions. On display, many of  Da Vinci’s greatest art works, but also models of some of his simple machines, which are the foundation for modern life.

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“Da Vinci had 44,000 inventions, but only 14,000 survived,” said exhibit curator, Mark Rodgers.

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The portable bridge is a self-supporting design, which is on display, and also a part of the interactive exhibit. Visitors can build the bridge themselves. There are also replicas of Da Vinci’s design for the “bicycle”, the “hang glider”, and the “air screw”, which has been credited with leading to the modern day helicopter.

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CBS4’s Britt Moreno tries out da Vinci’s gear model. (credit CBS)

“Da Vinci said, ‘The simplest design is the most elegant,’” Rodgers told CBS4.

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The Colorado School of Mines is hosting an Innovation Workshop & 3D Design and Printing Class. 3D printers produce some of the Da Vinci designs, and children can learn how  some of Da Vinci’s simple machines make up advanced technology like a 3D printer.

CBS4’s Britt Moreno talks with Michaela Heineman of the Colorado School of Mines. (credit CBS)

“Da Vinci’s designs are seen in here as the worm screw, the gear drive, and really how the printer moves around to make our designs accurate,” said Michaela Heineman, a Colorado School of Mines student working at the exhibit.

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The Da Vinci X – Machines & You Exhibition is open Tuesday through Sunday at the Denver Pavilions. There is an admission charge, and a free audio tour. There will also be several  multi-media performances in which curator Mark Rodgers will take the audience on a tour of the Italian Renaissance.