DENVER (CBS4)– The FBI agent whose gun went off in a LoDo bar has been arrested and booked on assault charges. The Denver DA’s Office officially charged him Tuesday afternoon.

Video shows the off-duty agent, Chase Bishop, doing a backflip at Mile High Spirits earlier this month and his gun falls out of his waistband. He tries to pick it up and it fires.

fbi dancing gun 5vo frame 55 FBI Agent Charged In Shooting At LoDo Nightclub

(credit: Julie)

“His gun fell out and it hit the ground, and it shot off,” Cara Chancellor, a witness, told CBS4’s Melissa Garcia.

A man was shot in the leg by that bullet and survived, but the victim’s lawyer says he was seriously injured.

Police finished their criminal investigation on the shooting Monday, at which point investigators obtained an arrest warrant.

bishop chase 6 19 88 copy FBI Agent Charged In Shooting At LoDo Nightclub

Chase Bishop (credit: Denver Police)

Bishop, 29, was not arrested when the shooting happened. Instead, he was released to an FBI supervisor. He appeared in court in person on Tuesday morning on second-degree assault charges in connection to the shooting.

fbi dancing gun transfer frame 690 FBI Agent Charged In Shooting At LoDo Nightclub

(credit: CBS)

The Denver DA says he turned himself in.

In addition to the charges filed by the Denver DA, the FBI could also suspend or fire him.

Bishop was off-duty and on vacation when the shooting happened.

fbi club shooting 5vo transfer frame 210 FBI Agent Charged In Shooting At LoDo Nightclub

(credit: CBS)

While it’s unclear if the agent had been drinking, Colorado law prohibits anyone from carrying a gun under the influence of alcohol.

The D.A.’s office is still waiting on the results of a blood alcohol content report. Depending on what the results are, the office could file additional charges.

The Denver Police Department will now take a look at its own actions to see if officers should have arrested Bishop at the scene, which is customarily done in shooting cases.

“The department has made the commitment to go back and review the investigative process to see how it was handled,” said Doug Schepman, a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department.

Bishop is scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning at the Denver Detention Center for his first and second advisements.


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