By Makenzie O’Keefe

CLEAR CREEK CANYON, Colo. (CBS4) – With the weather continuing to warm up, more people are getting outside to recreate. Summer is a popular time to scale the mountains in Colorado, and a few organizations are working to make sure people stay safe.

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On Sunday, the Alpine Rescue Team held a joint-training with Clear Creek Fire and EMS. Rescue crew members say they respond to incidents every summer at the Catslab in Clear Creek Canyon.

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“We’re not quite sure, but they’ve gone off the end of the rope, ended up at the base,” explained Paul Woodward, with the Alpine Rescue Team.

In the past few months, the teams have already responded to two climber injuries.

To make sure they’re ready to respond to another call, the teams set up a high line rescue system across Clear Creek.

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“When climbers fall we can set two ropes up and get them across the river instead of carrying them out the trail,” Woodward said.

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This system is safer for the patient and rescue crews, because the trail leading to the climbing area is steep and slippery.

“The trail is real difficult risk,” Woodward said.

The training involved sending a person across the high line system in a litter. The injured climber would then be put directly into an ambulance.

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The training allowed the three different teams to make sure that together, they can work quickly and efficiently to help save someone’s life.

“Every now and then someone has a bad day and they get hurt,” explained Dale Atkins, with the Alpine Rescue Team. “We’re here to help them.”

If you or someone you are with is every injured on a trail, the Alpine Rescue Team can respond free of charge.

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