DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado State Patrol is reminding drivers about the importance of wearing seat belts.

Trooper Josh Lewis, who has taken to social media to spread safety messages to the public, posted a video on Facebook about seat belt tickets — specifically how they can be costly for everyone.

(credit: CBS)

“See everybody thinks seat belt citations are all about revenue. They’re wrong. They’re about safety. But if you really want to talk about money, let’s talk money. You see, when a person dies as a result of a car crash, it costs the community about a $1 million, and it doesn’t take long to get to $1 million when you think about life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, all the first responders that show up and need to get paid,” said Lewis.

In 2017, Colorado saw 192 unbuckled fatalities, which was half of the 383 total passenger vehicle deaths that year.


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