By Dago Cordova

(CBS4) — When Colorado State Patrol Trooper Josh Lewis found out singer Kelly Clarkson would be performing at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs this summer, he totally geeked out.

The CSP tweeted photos of Lewis wide-eyed with excitement and smooching a computer monitor with Clarkson as the screensaver.

The agency jokingly quoted Lewis as saying he’d give a “get out jail” card to whomever could get him backstage to meet her.

The tweet caught the attention of American Idol winner and she clearly got a good laugh out of it.

“Okay somebody has got to get this man a pass,” she tweeted. “He deserves it!”

(credit: Twitter @kelly_clarkson)

There’s no word yet on whether Trooper Lewis will actually get to meet his celebrity crush but we’re pulling for him!

Dago Cordova is a CBS4 news producer. Follow him on Twitter.


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