By Dominic Garcia

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Russell Cordova says during a recent windstorm his kid’s trampoline blew into his neighbor’s backyard and they’re refusing to give it back.

(credit: Russell Cordova)

Cordova says his neighbors even yelled at his wife when she asked for is back.

“It blows me away. I don’t understand what the motive is for them keeping our trampoline,” he told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

CBS4’s Dominic Garcia interviews Russel Cordova. (credit: CBS)

According to Cordova, his neighbor claims the runaway trampoline damaged his flagpole and he wants Cordova to pay for it.

(credit: CBS)

Cordova says he checked with his insurance company, and they said his neighbor’s insurance should cover the damage to his flagpole.

“I just don’t want there to be anymore confrontation, that’s all. This is a simple matter, there should not have been confrontation from the get go… thought it could be easily resolved, but apparently that’s not the case,” said Cordova.

His neighbor says Cordova’s family called him and his wife names and if they want their trampoline back, they can sue him.

(credit: CBS)

“I don’t give a (expletive),” the neighbor told CBS4. “He shows me 1,400 bucks, he can have that trampoline back.”

During the exchange, he also made a remark about race.

“Look, if he had acted like a white person he could have gotten it back… it’s that simple,” said the neighbor.

Cordova says he’s called the police several times, but they haven’t been able to help. His trampoline is still sitting just on the other side of his fence, but he doesn’t think he’ll ever get it back.

(credit: Russel Cordova)

“I think they’re going to let it sit there a little to taunt us and then take it down and throw it away or something.”

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  1. bfallona says:

    Bless you & your family. As a 67 yo white guy this neighbor makes me ashamed. There is racism everywhere & you have to ignore it. I grew up in NH with 3 black kids in my high school & 1 was a star pitcher on our LL team. I ended up moving to Bogata Colombia & my new in laws were Spainish. But even there they refered to a lot of the people in town as “indians”. I ended up in Florida working at a C store on 3rd shift & 1 store i worked at the customers were 100% black. never had a single problem working the night shift. My point is there has been & will alway be racism. You have to teach the kids just to ignore it. I don’t mean condone it or accept it, but it’s not worth it to define you or your family. I am stunned your neighbor dares to fly the flag and wants you to “fix” his flagpole. But he is the loser & in some way or some day pay a price either here or in the afterlife.

  2. ladylyrik303 says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the support shown through this. To find out we have been living next door to someone who harbors racial conflict with my husband, our children and myself for three years has been upsetting. We simply thought this was just a vindictive way of thinking not racial. If you’re interested I’ve written an inside perspective to this entire situation and what’s its signified for our family on my blog at I’d be honored if you’d join me there subscribe and take a peak inside our lives. Thanks!

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