DENVER (CBS4)– Summer watering rules are in effect for Denver Water customers for the season.

Customers can water their lawns anytime except between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and no more than three days a week.winterize sprinklers Read This Before You Turn On Your Sprinklers

“The numbers show that the majority of our customers are paying attention to their water use,” said Jeff Tejral, water efficiency manager at Denver Water. “Ever since the drought of 2002, we’ve really seen customers using water more efficiently.”

Property owners must repair leaking sprinkler systems within 10 days.

Those who don’t follow the rules could be fined.

water sprinklers Read This Before You Turn On Your Sprinklers

(credit: CBS)

“Like we do every year, when we’re notified about water waste, we’ll follow up with the property owner so they’re aware of any issues,” Tejral said. “If there are repeat violators who need additional and in-person assistance, one of Denver Water’s field service technicians will respond.”

Watering restrictions continue through Oct. 1.

As of May 1, reservoirs for Denver Water are about 87 percent full. The South Platte peaked at 85 percent of normal, which is lower than average. The Colorado River watershed peaked at 107 percent of normal.


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