GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)– Jurors will begin hearing testimony in Golden on Wednesday, in the second murder trial of a former Grand Junction man accused of killing his wife 16 years ago.

Opening statements began on Tuesday.

Michael Blagg with Jennifer and Abby (credit: CBS)

In 2004, Michael Blagg was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for the 2001 death of his wife Jennifer but the conviction was overturned due to juror misconduct. A juror was caught lying about being a victim of domestic violence.

Blagg’s re-trial was moved to the Denver metro area because of the case’s notoriety in Mesa County. It is being held in Jefferson County Court.

Michael Blagg in April 9, 2004, at the Mesa County Justice Center in Grand Junction. (credit: Lyn Alweis/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

In November 2001, Blagg called police in Grand Junction to report he found blood in his home and his wife and 6-year-old daughter Abby missing.

“I just got home from work and there’s blood all over the bed… my family is gone, my wife and daughter aren’t here,” said Blagg in a 911 call.

The body of his 34-year-old wife was found in a landfill in Mesa County months later. Abby has never been found and is presumed dead.

(credit: CBS)

“I’m going to look in my daughter’s room, her school clothes are still laid out waiting for her… her bed is messed up,” said Blagg in the 911 call.

(credit: CBS)

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Blagg’s attorney claims an unknown child predator killed Jennifer and kidnapped Abby, who has never been found.

Blagg attempted suicide after the disappearance. His lawyer said it was only after police told him, “We are done looking for the monster who killed your wife and little girl because the monster is you.”

Michael Blagg (credit: CBS)

When opening statements began on Tuesday, the prosecution opened by telling jurors the Blaggs appeared like a perfect family but there were arguments and pornography.

Prosecutors showed jurors a letter Michael wrote to Jennifer stating, “I’m sorry I’ve given the devil a foothold.”

(credit: CBS)

During jury selection hearings last week, Blagg’s family members came to the courtroom to prepare for a replay of Blagg’s trial.

Blagg has always maintained his innocence, stating, “You won’t find anyone who loves each other more than we do. It’s a wonderful marriage.”

Michael Blagg with Jennifer and Abby (credit: CBS)


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