By Tori Mason

(CBS4) – Research shows that in 81 percent of violent school incidents, someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but didn’t report it.

Safe2Tell Colorado — the website and hotline (877-542-7233) — gives students an easy way to speak up and potentially save lives.

Safe2Tell receives thousands of reports every year on issues like suicide, bullying and school attacks.

All reports and calls are answered by trained dispatchers from the Colorado State Patrol and sent to a team of school officials and law enforcement for investigation.

Since its launch in 2014, Safe2Tell has prevented hundreds of planned attacks and stopped thousands of students from taking their own lives.

Intervention is key to prevention, but the right people can’t step in unless someone speaks up.

“We have kids that report their friends are being abused at home. We have students that report their friends are suicidal. It truly is the best opportunity to find out what’s happening in your environment,” said John McDonald, executive director of security and emergency management for Jefferson County Public Schools.

John McDonald (credit: CBS)

“Kids will know before adults ever will what the issues are in their lives and in school.”

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If anyone is concerned about a student that may be a danger to themselves or others, they can contact Safe2Tell by phone, online or through their mobile app. Get more information at

Tori Mason is an award-winning reporter for CBS4 This Morning. Follow her on Twitter @ToriMasonTV.