DENVER (CBS4)– Sen. Cory Gardner has decided that he will lift holds on certain Department of Justice nominees after last month’s hold.

In January, Gardner, a Republican and Colorado’s junior senator, said he’s placing a hold on DOJ nominees after Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew a federal policy called the Cole memo which stopped federal prosecutors from interfering with marijuana sales in states where it’s legal.

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Sessions voiced his frustration with the stalled confirmation hearings at the National Sheriff’s Association meeting earlier this week. He said politics are putting safety at risk.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (credit: CBS)

“Right now, one senator’s concerns over unrelated issues like reversing federal law against marijuana – we can’t even get a vote. As attorney general, I don’t have the authority to say something is legal if it’s not legal,” Sessions said on Tuesday.

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Gardner says Sessions assured him marijuana enforcement would not be a priority before Sessions was confirmed.

Now, Gardner said that he is lifting the holds on some nominees because of ongoing discussions.

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Gardner said in a statement, “The DOJ should respect the will of states who have spoken overwhelmingly on legalizing marijuana for adults.”