COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– Coloradans across the state are mourning the loss of three sheriff’s deputies in the past five weeks. It’s a blow to the law enforcement community in the state and nationwide.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Micah Flick was shot and killed while responding to a motor vehicle theft on Monday afternoon.

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Deputy Micah Flick (credit: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office)

Two other sheriff’s deputies were injured in the shooting along with a Colorado Springs police officer. The suspected gunman was shot and killed.

Flick is the third deputy to be shot and killed in the line of duty in the past five weeks. He was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time he was shot.

Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy Heath Gumm was shot and killed Jan. 24 in Thornton while responding to an physical altercation. The suspected gunman, Dreion Dearing, 22, was arrested and remains in custody.

Deputy Heath Gumm (credit: Adams County)

Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Zack Parrish was shot and killed on New Year’s Eve day when Matthew Riehl fired more than 100 rounds in his apartment on sheriff’s deputies.

Deputy Zack Parrish (credit: Douglas County Sheriff)

Four other law enforcement officers and two civilians were wounded. The shootout ended after SWAT officers entered and shot and killed Riehl in a shootout.

The shootings have law enforcement across Colorado offering messages of support and commitment to the community.

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The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office tweeted how difficult this year has been so far.

Sen. Cory Gardner, a Republican representing Colorado, issued this statement: Over the course of the past 36 days in Colorado, ten law enforcement officers have been shot and three have been tragically killed including one yesterday.

This has left four children without fathers and countless loved ones with enormous losses.

Deputy Parrish, Deputy Gumm, and Deputy Flick gave their lives to protect their community and we cannot do enough to honor their sacrifice, and we must never forget it.

I want every law enforcement officer in Colorado and this country to know that we have their backs and enough is enough.

Former State Representative Joe Rice who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan wrote how he prays for his fellow soldiers and their safety each and every day by saying and praying: “For all of those around the world in harm’s way we pray with you. Please God just not today.”

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And I want to echo that sentiment and let our men and women in blue – law enforcement around the country – know that I pray with you each and every day. Please God, just not today.