DENVER (CBS4) – What will be everyone’s favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? Which ad will everyone be talking about at the office on Monday? Here are a few of the early front-runners:

Danny DeVito Is The Red M&M

From now on, it might be hard to think of actor Danny DeVito and not be reminded of a red M&M. In this fun ad, an M&M walking down the street finds a lucky penny and says he wishes he was human. He is transformed into DeVito, and then we see DeVito running around asking people on the street “Do you want to eat me?” with a ridiculous red outfit on.


Rapping Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman

Peter Dinklage lip synchs to a tight verse from rapper Busta Rhymes. Morgan Freeman does the same with a Missy Elliott verse. This ad Doritos vs. Mountain Dew ad just works.


An earlier ad showed the classic “training sessions”:


Pringles “WOW” Ad

This is one of those short little ads that you can watch over and over. Bill Hader stars as an actor in a who is flabbergasted as he watches some Pringles of different flavors being stacked on the film set. He utters a classic “Wow,” the crew members say “Wow,” Hader screams at another actor on the set. Hilarity ensues.


Alexa Loses Her Voice

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appears in an ad (for the first time ever) that imagines what it would be like if the Alexa voice from the company’s Echo system was replaced with the voices of some very unexpected voice actors.


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See many of the Super Bowl ads on a special YouTube page.



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