DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – One of Hollywood’s biggest, literally and figuratively, stars took a moment or two to send his well wishes to Deputy Jeff Pelle who was shot in the line of duty on New Year’s Eve.

Pelle posted a message on his Twitter page thanking Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, for his message.

(WARNING: Some of the message contains choice language not suitable for all viewers)

Johnson says he’s been following the story about the shooting, saying “I’m sorry for your loss. I believe you lost a brother by the last name of Parrish.”

deputy jeff pelle via dcso The Rock Sends Well Wishes To Colorado Deputy Shot In Line Of Duty

Pelle was one of five officers who responded to a disturbance at the Copper Canyon Apartments on New Year’s Eve.

Deputy Zack Parrish was shot and killed. Pelle suffered serious injuries, including a punctured lung.

copper canyon ois pelle 5pkg transfer frame 573 The Rock Sends Well Wishes To Colorado Deputy Shot In Line Of Duty

(credit: Pelle Family)

Johnson went on to offer some inspiring words for Pelle. “I heard this years ago when I completely tore up my achilles, and I had to shut down for a little while, but it was something like, you know, ‘Set backs are just a set up for an even bigger comeback.’

After the publicity on Wednesday night, the celebrity tweeted saying he’s “grateful the story was brought to his attention. Deputy Pelle is having a rough go recuperating after the ambush, but he’s going to pull through. Stay strong brother and I’m very sorry to hear about Deputy Parrish.”

Johnson ended the video saying he looks forward to meeting Pelle.


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