LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– The man accused of being behind the wheel when he caused a deadly crash that killed a mother and her young son had marijuana in his system.

Prosecutors in Jefferson County have charged Chris Cumsille with 10 counts including vehicular homicide in the deadly crash at Alameda Avenue and Oak Street in November 2017.

An arrest affidavit says Cumsille told investigators he blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened.

lakewood fatal crash 5vo transfer frame 145 Suspected Driver In Deadly Crash Had Pot In System

(credit: CBS)

Information downloaded from his truck revealed he was traveling about 56 mph at the time of impact and never hit the brakes.

Anna Huffman, 43, of Lakewood was killed in the crash. Her 3-year-old son was seriously injured in the crash and rushed to Children’s Hospital where he later died.

lakewood fatal crash 5vo transfer frame 74 Suspected Driver In Deadly Crash Had Pot In System

(credit: CBS)

Detectives say Huffman and her young son were stopped at a red light inside their minivan when the driver of a truck, later identified as Cumsille, rear-ended them and caused a chain reaction with four other vehicles.

chris cumsille from jeffco da Suspected Driver In Deadly Crash Had Pot In System

Chris Cumsille (credit: Jeffco DA)

Cumsille voluntarily submitted a blood test which revealed marijuana in his system.

Prosecutors say he had 16 traffic violations.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says there is a growing concern and disturbing trend about the use of marijuana and driving.

lakewood fatal crash 6pkg transfer frame 1486 Suspected Driver In Deadly Crash Had Pot In System

Sam Cole (credit: CBS)

“Fatalities in Colorado that involve marijuana are increasing. They’re increasing probably about 20 percent every year,” said CDOT spokesman, Sam Cole. “We’re only four years into the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, so a lot of marijuana users don’t understand the dangers that they’re putting themselves and as well as the public when it comes to driving impaired.”

CDOT is hoping to find a solution to the driving high issue by having a conversation with marijuana users around the state.

In the coming weeks, CDOT will officially launch The Cannabis Conversation initiative. It will include online surveys and community meetings to learn why many pot users choose to get high and drive, what it would take to convince them not to and what the public perceives as the dangers of driving while impaired by marijuana.

LINK: The Cannabis Conversation Initiative 


Comments (7)
  1. Steve Thomas says:

    ANOTHER TWO pot murders. Keeping believing the lies – Coloradans….

    1. There isn’t anyone lobbying to decriminalize impaired driving. Do you really believe that in the absence of cannabis that those irresponsible enough to go out driving impaired would instead have been singing in the church choir on Sundays, working as full time volunteers at the soup kitchen feeding the hungry and helping diminutive, elderly women negotiate busy traffic intersections in their spare time?

      Blaming the actions of animated beings on inanimate objects is just plain brain dead “reasoning.”

  2. Glenn Rogers says:

    Why don’t you report what else was in is system it is always just weed and that is bs

  3. Ann Pirie says:

    A pot smoker swears there is no such a thing as weed alone causing any situation to be at all dangerous. I am not buying that.

  4. Ann Pirie says:

    When CBS4 or Facebook might not like my comments, they are making me register all over again at each one. What is with that.

    1. It’s not just you, Ann. Happens to me too. When I don’t see my name below the comment box, I just click on the FB icon before I post and my name shows back up. Then I post the comment.

      But I also notice that ihe “Post Comment” button does not always work for some reason. I’ve learned to copy my post and refresh the page. Then I paste the post again. That works,,, sometimes.

      I appreciate CBS4 having the comments section and hoping they make a few enhancements such as allowing likes and fixing the bug(s). mentioned here.

      1. Ann Pirie says:

        You are spot on, Frank. I will try what you say. I can tell right now that someone is monitoring this comment by the jumping of my writing. Shame on them.

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