By Kelly Werthmann

DENVER (CBS4) – If you’ve noticed more geese in and around Denver, you’re not alone.

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“I enjoy the geese,” Jeff Meagley said as he looked over Sloan’s Lake. “I think they add a little something.”

(credit: CBS)

But there’s a “little something” they add to city parks that’s not so appealing.

“I play a lot of volleyball out there and goose poop is a constant concern,” Washington Park visitor Tim Pahuta told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “But, I mean, they got a right to poop don’t they?”

Tim Pahuta (credit: CBS)

Apparently, some 900+ people don’t necessarily agree.

A group called Front Range Colorado Voters and Property Owners created a petition last year to “Require Denver to Create, Implement Canada Goose Remediation and Management Plan.”

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The petition claims the city’s non-migratory Canada geese population is growing out of control and the city “lacks a cogent and cohesive plan to manage the flock.” It goes on to say parks are becoming overrun, degraded in value and utility as well as a ground for public health hazards because of the geese.

“The large number of geese in Denver have created a health problem for residents,” one supporter wrote on the online petition. “Washington Park has goose poop everywhere you walk. Children should not have to cope with goose droppings in the playground.”

(credit: CBS)

Another supporter said the goose poop is turning the lakes into “cesspools.”

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The petition aimed to get 1,000 signatures before turning it over to the city, demanding the new plan be established no later than Dec. 31, 2017.

As of Jan. 16, 2018 – it still hadn’t reached that signature goal.

However, the petition is still circulating and being shared on social media sites.

“I think people need to stop complaining about stuff like that,” Pahuta said. “Are you just that bored? Come on.”

A Denver Parks and Recreation spokesperson told CBS4 they are aware of the goose concerns as well as the petition.

(credit: CBS)

While they said it is nearly impossible to track the changing goose population, officials do take steps to try and control it. During the spring and summer, goose eggs are sprayed in oil to prevent them from hatching. In the winter months, hazing techniques are used weekly to encourage the flock to go elsewhere.

“Has anyone given thought to training the geese to use the porta-johns that are around the park?” Pahuta joked.

Despite the petition – and complaints for how the city currently tries to control the gaggles of geese – Denver is sticking to its current management plan.

“I think they’re leavings are a little bit of a nuisance,” Meagley said. “But not so much that it would deter me from coming to the park ever.”

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