By Makenzie O’Keefe

DENVER (CBS4)- Businesses, churches and families all came together to help the homeless in Denver on Christmas day.

The morning of giving began early, outside of the Denver Rescue Mission.

Frankie Sanchez, the owner of North of the Border Grill, brought his food truck to the shelter to provide a warm meal to those in need.

outreach 3 Volunteers Bring Their Gifts To Denvers Homeless

(credit: CBS4)

“We load up the truck with as much food as we can,” Sanchez said. “And we bring a lot of volunteers to help give the food to those who need a helping hand.”

Sanchez said it’s an annual tradition of his family’s.

“Unless you do it, you can’t really experience it,” he said. “I’m really fortunate to be able to do this.”

outreach 1 Volunteers Bring Their Gifts To Denvers Homeless

(credit: CBS4)

Sanchez wasn’t the only person feeding those in need on Christmas morning. Amanda Pham and a crew of volunteers said they’ve been doing this for the last 15 years.

“They say thank you so much for your support, we are so happy,” Pham said. “And that makes me feel so good.”

outreach 4 Volunteers Bring Their Gifts To Denvers Homeless

(credit: CBS4)

Outside the Denver Rescue Mission were other acts of kindness. The Sweet Leaf Marijuana Dispensary was handing out clothing, as part of their annual coat drive.

“We’re in a rough spot right now and knowing that we are out here helping these people makes me feel better,” said Amelia Langer who was there with the Sweet Leaf Coat Drive. “We brought the kids because it’s something they can learn and keep doing as a tradition for our family.”

A few miles away, hundreds of people showed up at Civic Center Park, where volunteers gave out blankets, sleeping bags, winter coats and hot meals at the event Christmas in the Park.

outreach 5 Volunteers Bring Their Gifts To Denvers Homeless

(credit: CBS4)

This event was created by After Hours church, who invited people all across the Front Range to gather any items they wanted to donate.

One man said it’s his wife’s Christmas gift to buy items that their family then goes out to give to the homeless.

“That’s what she wants for Christmas,” he told CBS4.

It’s a holiday miracle for some, who were collecting bags of items they need to stay warm and survive.

“I got socks, comforters, hats, but most of all I was blessed today,” a man said, who has nowhere to call home. “I need a tissue so I can wipe my nose off and my tears because this is so sentimental that people have such big hearts.”

Makenzie O’Keefe joined the CBS4 team as a reporter in 2017. Read her bio, follow her on Twitter at @makenziepokeefe or email her your story ideas.


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