By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) – More than 2,000 volunteers came to Fort Logan National Cemetery Saturday morning to lay wreaths at gravestones.

“Taking the time out of your Holiday schedule to come and honor the people who have contributed significantly to our livesit’s heartwarming, is what it is,” said former Marine Corps Sergeant Bob Bennett.

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Bennett has made volunteering to lay wreaths at Fort Logan National Cemetery an annual tradition. He was humbled to see so many volunteers.

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“It makes you feel good knowing that people care and give their time to come out and do this,” said John Johnston.

Johnston also served in the Marines. He brings his family out here each year to remind his kids of the sacrifices made in their behalf.

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“Because I know it’s the right thing to do, because men and women have died for our freedom and I feel like if I didn’t, it was disrespectful,” said Hailey.

“A lot of times with the newer generations it’s more about self, but it really isn’t, it’s about taking care of others and putting that time out there to honor other people and volunteer your time for the greater good,” said Hailey’s mom Sandra.

A small act of kindness and remembrance.

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“It’s just a way to give back a little bit you know? A few minutes out of your day to come and do something as simple as put a wreath on the grave of somebody that died for you, it’s a special thing to do,” said Bennett.

If you would like to donate a wreath, you can visit

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