By Shawn Chitnis

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado House and Senate Leadership took steps Friday to improve the legislature’s policies on sexual harassment.

(credit: CBS)

They’re doing that by developing a Human Resources position, increasing training for members and seeking an outside review of current procedures.

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“We are responding as best we can to the concerns that have been brought before us and we look forward to moving ahead and forging this new path together,” said State Senate President Kevin Grantham.

GOP Senate President Kevin Grantham (credit: CBS)

“Today we took steps to ensure there is meaningful change at the Capitol,” said State Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran. “We want to address the issues of sexual harassment head on by ensuring there is systemic change and that we also work to reform the culture of the Capitol.”

Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran. (credit: CBS)

Leaders of both legislative bodies spoke after passing motions to begin the search for a HR representative and request proposals for an outside or independent firm to review all of the policies that would cover sexual harassment.

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They will also change sexual harassment training from every two years to once a year.

“How do we make this a better place?” asked Grantham, a Republican. “Safer workplace environment for legislators, for aides, for interns, for nonpartisan staff, for lobbyists, for everyone that comes in.”

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All three motions were passed unanimously by leaders from both the House and Senate and both political parties. They want the HR position to be nonpartisan and above politics, creating a space where anyone can report issues confidentially.

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“It is odd, with so many people working in this building, we should have an HR person,” added Duran, a Democrat.

Current complaints will remain in the system using current policy. But leaders stressed they want these first steps to be in place before the new legislative session begins in the new year.

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  1. Robert Chase says:

    Completely insane — “Colorado Lawmakers Consider Changes In Harassment Process”; “State Lawmakers Push For Sexual Harassment Training Before Next Legislative Session” — does anyone in Colorado speak English?!? Too lazy and incompetent to be bothered to distinguish between sexual harassment and efforts to stop it! To judge from the tawdry news from the Capitol, I don’t think that legislators need any training in sexual harassment.

    ““It is odd with so many people working in this building, we should have an HR person,” said House Speaker Cristanta Duran (D-Denver)”

    — This is apparently an accurate quote; it makes no sense in English, but there’s not enough fluency in the English language from the membership of the General Assembly (including its lawyers, like Rep. Duran) through Mr. Chitnis to the mass of readers that many even notice. We have a lot of not-quite-literate lawyers in the General Assembly — a class which should not even exist.

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