DENVER (CBS4)– A proposal to bring bus service down the center lanes of Colfax Avenue could make the commute faster for some, ease congestion with buses for other drivers. Now, Denver Public Works and RTD want your opinion on the project.

The idea behind Public Works’ proposal for rapid bus service lanes along the center of East Colfax Avenue is to make the commute more convenient.

colfax bus lane rendering denver public works Like It Or Hate It? Your Opinion Wanted On Center Bus Lane

An artist rendering of the center bus lane (credit: Denver Public Works)

The plan dedicates a lane to 24-hour service on the Bus Rapid Transit. The rapid bus route would carry 50,000 people per day, compared to the 22,000 people currently riding RTD buses along Colfax, according to Denver Public Works.

The plan promises better travel times for a 10-mile stretch of Colfax between Broadway and Yosemite with one existing travel lane in each direction for the length of that route.

The proposal also includes plans for kiosks similar to the light rail stations, so passengers can pay their fare at their stop.

colfax bus lane explainer denver public works Like It Or Hate It? Your Opinion Wanted On Center Bus Lane

(credit: Denver Public Works)

The Colfax Corridor Connections study will identify and provide a package of multi-modal transportation improvements to enhance the Colfax Corridor over the next 25 years.

Denver Public Works says a more detailed design for BRT on Colfax and project implementation schedule will be developed in 2018. They anticipate construction to begin in 2020.

Take the survey:

  1. So, RTD wants riders to walk out in traffic to catch the bus? I see no way to avoid crossing at least one land of traffic, and then having to stand in the middle of the street (with same traffic) while waiting for the bus. Not good. Not good at all. Seems designed to kill/injure more pedestrians.

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