DENVER (CBS4) – Nearly two-thirds of Colorado voters have an unfavorable opinion of President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

Keating Research, based in Telluride, conducted the survey that was released Tuesday.

The results show that 64 percent of the voters polled had an unfavorable opinion of the president. That’s up from 55 percent from the previous survey, which was conducted in March.

When asked whether they felt the president was “dishonest and tells lies” or “honest and tells the truth,” 60 percent chose dishonest.

When asked what grade they would give Trump, 58 percent said they’d give him a D or an F. Back in March, 47 percent said they’d give him a D or an F.

Additionally, when asked whether they felt country was headed in the right or wrong direction, 63 percent said they felt it was heading the wrong direction. That’s up from 50 percent in March.

The poll was conducted Nov. 9-13 using 500 telephone surveys.

You can see the full breakdown of the results of the poll here.


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