LEADVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – The undersheriff at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was fired during a sexual harassment investigation.

Prosecutors initially said someone was being investigated for “sexual harassment actions occurring within the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.”

On Tuesday, prosecutors confirmed that person being investigated is Undersheriff Fernando Mendoza. He was fired from his position.

Investigators said a complaint was received in early October, according to Bruce Brown, District Attorney of the Fifth Judicial District. Brown told CBS4 the complaint involved female employees.

“The District Attorney’s office has been interviewing witnesses and conducting other activity to determine whether any criminal conduct occurred,” official said in a statement issued earlier this month.

“To date, no charges have been filed and no arrests made in connection with this investigation,” officials stated.

However, on Tuesday, Brown confirmed Mendoza is no longer working for the sheriff’s office.

“I can confirm that my investigation of his activities is ongoing,” Brown told CBS4 on Tuesday.

“The District Attorney’s office is committed to taking seriously all complaints regard sexual misconduct and will aggressively pursue investigative leads, assuring that victims are recognized and that cases in which any criminal activity occurs are prosecuted, no matter the position or status of any offender,” Brown said in his initial statement.

Lake County Sheriff Rodney Fenske told CBS4 that mandatory sexual harassment training for all employees was added after the allegations were made public.

“The training we take for sexual harassment is done through the police department,” said Fenske. “It’s about two hours long.”

  1. In today’s polarized politically charged sexual allegation environment (think Roy Moore) what specifically are the allegations of the female employees and how valid are the allegations?

    Why are local mores no longer valid for rural communities? The dichotomy of a time-tested, local Sheriff’s handbook versus the top-down, globalist imposed mandated regulations (think United Nations) are under debate here.

    I personally prefer the autonomy of local control and decision-making of a small town.

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