“Smart People” is a comic drama about race, assumptions, relationships, and personal journey. It’s playing at the Ricketson Theatre through November 19th. For tickets and information go to the “Smart People” page at denvercenter.org.

DENVER (CBS4) – “Smart People” is a biting comedy which follows four Harvard intellectuals who don’t understand why the lives of so many people, including their own, continue to be undermined by race.

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“Smart People” (credit DCPA)

Playwright Lydia R. Diamond created a clever and edgy world in which the characters can’t seem to decide who they are, and where they stand, in other words, four real people.

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“Smart People” (credit DCPA)

Timothy McCracken is a neuroscientist searching for a genetic tie to racism. Ester Chen is a psychologist helping others with their self-esteem, while she searches for her own. Jason Veasey is a surgical intern on the edge. While, Tatiana Williams is the actress who wonders if the roles she gets and the roles she’s offered are only because of her race.

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“Smart People” (credit DCPA)

They talk, they interact, they fight, and they talk some more. Talking circles around the point, but never really landing directly on it. Clever, smart, funny and well acted, “Smart People” teases an answer that never arrives and likely never will.