ASPEN, Colo. (CBS4) – Those living in an Aspen neighborhood have two new furry neighbors.

Erik Larson snapped pictures of two light-colored and darker-colored bears in the ABC neighborhood.

(credit: Eric Larson)

He says he sees them every day. The two have been named Louie and Fred.

(credit: Eric Larson)

Larson told the Aspen Times he saw Louie climb into Volkswagon Beetle, so he walked to the stranger’s car and hit it with his hand in an effort to scare the bear away.

It worked. Louie walked away after that.

But Larson says Louie eventually came back and was back inside the car.

“They will get into your vehicle every chance they get,” said ReRe Baker, Pitkin County’s animal safety director.

(credit: Eric Larson)

Aspen police say they’ve responded to 77 bear-related calls in October alone.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has euthanized 18 bears this year through September.

Experts say more and more bears are coming around because of lack of food in the mountains.


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