ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – One person was hurt overnight when the car they were driving smashed into the wall of a restaurant in Englewood.

crash 21 Car Smashes Into Back Of Italian Restaurant

(credit: South Metro Fire)

Officials with South Metro Fire Rescue tweeted out photos of the crash scene early Sunday morning. The images showed a car whose front was crumpled and the back wall of the Italian restaurant — Pino’s Place — with a large hole in it.

crash 11 Car Smashes Into Back Of Italian Restaurant

(credit: South Metro Fire)

The restaurant is located at 1400 East Hampden Ave, and authorities said the building wasn’t damaged structurally, only cosmetically.

crash 3 Car Smashes Into Back Of Italian Restaurant

(credit: South Metro Fire)

An employee at Pino’s told CBS4 they are closed while safety checks are done inside the business. There was some concern that some gas pipes may have been damaged. They plan to reopen on Tuesday.

There’s no word so far on how badly the driver was injured.

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