By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4)– The Denver Police Protective Association- the union representing most Denver police officers- began polling its members last Thursday asking them if they believed Chief Robert White had the ability to continue to lead the Denver Police Department.

Three officers who received the emailed poll told CBS4 it consisted of just that one question seeking a yes or no response. Officers were told their survey responses would be anonymous.

Contacted by CBS4 about the vote, PPA President Nick Rogers said he had “No clue what your (sic) talking about. No clue no comment,” wrote Rogers. “A survey??? We survey our members all the time. Thanks let me know the results.”

Denver Police Protective Association President Nick Rogers (credit: CBS)

It was unclear why the union president was attempting to deny the existence of the vote and what the union planned to do with the results.

Denver Police Chief Robert White (credit: CBS)

Responding to an inquiry from CBS4, Chief White said, ”Despite the tremendous work that is being done by the rank and file officers, this latest action by the executive board of the Denver PPA is a continuation of their efforts to undermine the progress which has put Denver as one of the leaders for progressive police reform in America.”

Deputy Police Chief Matt Murray said the no confidence vote was a reaction to the discomfort that comes with change.

Denver Police Deputy Chief Matt Murray (credit: CBS)

“One of the truths which constantly emerges from these experiences is that change is hard and that resistance to change is inevitable. White is committed to continuing the reform which brought him to Denver. He is incredibly proud of the men and women of the Denver Police Department and believes they rank among the top of the profession,” said Murray.

According to the union’s email, voting ends Tuesday at 8 a.m.

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass has been with the station more than 30 years uncovering waste, fraud and corruption. Follow him on Twitter @Briancbs4.

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  1. It is disheartening that both White and Murray elect to create a false narrative, instead of following up with sworn personnel to see where they actually stand. Perhaps the whole “Do as I say, and not as I do,” narrative coming out of the chief’s office, is what has sworn personnel doubting the transparency; integrity; and fairness of the former. Hopefully the Independent Manager is paying attention.

  2. Gary Arpon says:

    The entire bald cabal needs to go.

  3. ahjobslist says:

    The Union doesn’t like the police chief? If there was a story where the Union DID like the police chief, then THAT would be news.

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