DENVER (CBS4)– The National Weather Service radar picked up something unusual on Tuesday, it wasn’t snow or rain but a flock of migrating birds. Actually, it came out on Wednesday that the blob was a bunch of migrating butterflies!

The radar showed a big blob over parts of Colorado which wasn’t a storm but a mass of migrating birds, butterflies or black birds.

birds radar Radar Shows Migrating Birds, Er, Butterflies

(credit: National Weather Service)

Some speculate that the blob is witches getting ready for Halloween.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service tweeted out that what was picked up on radar was actually butterflies. The Painted Lady butterflies are moving through Colorado on their way to Arizona, New Mexico and northwestern Mexico to enjoy the Southwest winter.

Comments (3)
  1. Dave Hice says:

    maybe call the unknown radar signature “Birderflies”

  2. ‘Blob’ Is Probably Not The Term You Seek. And They Do This EVERY YEAR.
    What Is Wrong With You? Are You A ‘Blob’ Of Idiots?

  3. hugolast says:

    I want to know how the great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren find their way back home.

    Ever looked at the head of a Painted Lady Flutterby? Tiny, tiny…..and most of it is taken up by eyes, antennae, and proboscis. I mean, how they do it?

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