DENVER (CBS4) – She’s nearly 105, but Marie Greenwood is still passionate about helping Denver students.

Greenwood was one of the first African-American teachers in Denver. She started her career in 1935 at Whittier Elementary School.

Marie Greenwood (credit: CBS)

On Wednesday, district officials in Denver Public Schools threw her an early birthday party and celebrated the Each One, Teach One program at the school that is now named after her — Marie L. Greenwood Academy in northeast Denver.

“I am so proud of that name, every time I come here I take a good look at the name of my school,” Greenwood said.

Each One, Teach One aims to improve early literacy by building vocabulary through hands-on community projects.

During the celebration, Greenwood shared advice for teachers today.

“To begin with, if you want to be a teacher you better like chidren. And remember that every child can learn something, no matter what,” she said.

Greenwood is still active in Denver Public Schools.