SAN CARLOS, Calif. (CBS4) – A screech owl was rescued from behind the dashboard of an SUV after it got trapped there.

The Peninsula Humane Society posted to Facebook that the Western Screech Owl was saved “thanks to some quick thinking of our staff.”

CBS San Francisco says that humane society staff members were able to use a portable inspection camera and a handy set of tools to locate and remove the owl after a woman called saying that the owl was trapped inside her vehicle.

When rescuers arrived, the owl could be heard scratching.

“Once the position of the owl was detected by our camera, our rescue staff was tasked with having to dismantle the glove compartment box to reach the owl,” said PHS/SPCA Communications Manager Buffy Martin-Tarbox. “The owl was trapped behind the dashboard, but our staff was able to safely remove him.”

phs screech owl 2 Peeved Screech Owl Stuck Behind SUV Dashboard

(credit: Peninsula Humane Society)

After the young owl was removed, he was identified as a Western Screech Owl, which is native to the area.

“As you can imagine, he was more than a little peeved to be stuck in his situation, but health wise he doesn’t seem any worse for wear despite his predicament,” Martin-Tarbox said.

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The owl is still recovering at the humane society’s Wildlife Care Center, but is doing well and expected to return to the wild soon.


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