SHERIDAN, Colo. (CBS4)– A man who told police that he was asked by a stranger whether he was a neo-Nazi before that stranger stabbed him has been arrested for making up the story.

Joshua Witt posted pictures of his stabbing wounds on his Facebook page right after the alleged attack. That post gained a lot of attention in the aftermath of this month’s violent protests in Charlottesville.

(credit: CBS)

Witt, 26, says when he went to get out of his vehicle at the Steak & Shake in Sheridan, a man walked up to him and asked whether he was a neo-Nazi before stabbing him.

Witt also posted that he is serving in the U.S. Navy.

(credit: Facebook)

Witt told police his attacker was a black man and that he ran towards the bike path the runs along the South Platte River.

Police investigated Witt’s claim but became suspicious because his story didn’t match up with the evidence.

Joshua Witt (credit: Sheridan Police)

Officers located a man who matched the description Witt provided. He is a transient who lives in the area and was cleared as a possible suspect.

Investigators said that video surveillance did not show anyone running from the scene as Witt described.

(credit: CBS)

Video surveillance from inside a sporting goods store showed Witt buying a small knife minutes before the alleged attack.

Surveillance video of Witt looking at a knife at a sporting goods store (credit: Sheridan Police)

Surveillance video of Witt buying a knife (credit: Sheridan Police)

When police re-interviewed Witt, he admitted to accidentally cutting himself with the knife while parked in his car in front of the sporting goods store. He also admitted making up the story about being attacked.

(credit: CBS)

Witt was booked and released on false reporting charges. If convicted, Witt could face up to $2,650 in fines and up to one year in jail.