COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A newsletter is causing controversy after it was posted at a Colorado college.

letter Newsletter Posted At College Compares Military To White Supremacists

letter 2 Newsletter Posted At College Compares Military To White Supremacists (credit: CBS)

The letter appeared on a bulletin board at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. It’s titled Social Justice Collective Weekly, and it says military veterans should be banned from classes.

It compares the military culture to white supremacist groups.

The posting upset students.

“They try and talk about inclusion as a principle, yet they’re excluding one of the most important members of society, those that are guarding our freedom to even talk about this,” Joe Hollmann said.

The university says the newsletter is not tied to the school and does not represent the school’s views.

  1. NAZI = NAtionalsoZIalismus which in English translates as National Socialist.

    Bernie Sanders and his followers are National Socialists

    How the leftist morons confuse National Socialism with the political Right in this country is more proof of how dumbed down the public education system is.

    There are literally millions of juvenile knuckleheads wandering around campus completely unaware that political parties such as our Right and Left are completely reversed overseas.What is considered the political right in europe is usually a leftist ideology in America and visa versa.

    Campus kids are being kept ignorant intentionally.

    Anyone care to guess why?

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