By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4) – Starting Wednesday, felony DUI offenders will be required to spend time behind bars.

The law, passed unanimously by Colorado law makers earlier this year, creates mandatory minimum jail time or work release.

Ninety days in jail or 100 days of work release.

co felony dui 6vo transfer frame 0 New DUI Law Takes Effect Wednesday

(credit: CBS)

Frank Lanzer is the executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Colorado and told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia what constitutes a felony DUI.

“Felony DUI goes into effect for a fourth DUI offense. We’re not talking about everyone, but a hard core group of repeat offenders who continue to drive under the influence no matter what,” says Lanzer.

dui jail time 10pkg transfer frame 514 New DUI Law Takes Effect Wednesday

Frank Lanzer talks with CBS4’s Dominic Garcia (credit: CBS)

He says a similar law was passed in 2015 but it had loopholes and the sentences judges were handing out were all over the place. Some repeat offenders would get no jail time or community service, just probation. This law changes that.

“Overall it just strengthens our system and will hopefully be preventing repeat offenses,” says Lanzer.

dui jail time 10pkg transfer frame 581 New DUI Law Takes Effect Wednesday

(credit: CBS)

Lanzer added that for a first time offender the CDC estimates that they’ve driven drunk 80 times before their arrest, so just think how many times a repeat offender has been on the road when they shouldn’t have.

“We don’t want anyone to get one DUI much less four. So hopefully people will be planning ahead, making smart choices. Taking Uber, taking ride share, taking a taxi, leaving their car keys at home.”

Dominic Garcia anchors CBS4 News at 5 p.m. and reports for CBS4 News at 10 p.m. Connect with the Denver native on Twitter @cbs4dom & on Facebook.


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