DENVER (CBS4)– Repeat drunk drivers will get mandatory jail time under a new law that takes effect next week.

The new law closes a loophole that’s allowed people convicted of repeat DUIs to serve no time behind bars.

Two years ago, the legislature made a fourth DUI a felony but that law did not mandate jail time.

pot dui stats 6pkg transfer frame 1095 Repeat Drunk Drivers Get Mandatory Jail Time With New Law

(credit: CBS)

So, while three DUIs carried a minimum 60-day sentence, many judges were sentencing those convicted of four DUIs to probation.

“If people can’t stop themselves from getting behind the wheel of a car, we need to stop them and we need to stop them physically and that means jail and that means at least 90 days in jail so they can get help and treatment they need,” said Rep. Lori Saine, a Republican representing Firestone.

In addition to those serving 90 days in jail, those convicted under the new law would also have to complete community service and pay their own treatment.


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