DENVER (CBS4)– The future of RTD commuter rail lines may be in question after its private business partner claims there is no solution to a lingering problem.

In a letter to RTD, Denver Transit Partners said the crossing gate timing issue won’t be fixed by the deadline.

a line possible shut down1 Crossing Gate Issues Plague RTD, Denver Transit Partners Want Out

(credit: CBS)

Denver Transit Partners is made up of the group of contractors who built and maintain the A Line, B Line and the future G Line. At issue, the crossing gates that must be manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because of a computer glitch.

RTD insists the letter from Denver Transit Partners is more of a protest than anything.

“The concessionary agreement we have with Denver Transit Partners is highly complex,” said RTD spokesman Scott Reed.

rtd crossing gates 6pkg frame 127 Crossing Gate Issues Plague RTD, Denver Transit Partners Want Out

RTD spokesman Scott Reed (credit: CBS)

The crossing gate technology does not comply with federal regulations. The gates lower too early and stay down too long.

In the letter, Denver Transit Partners tells RTD that with no improvement in sight, they want to negotiate its contract with RTD and wants to stop being fined for problems that cannot be controlled.

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The letter states no work has been done to improve the issues with the crossing gates since February.

a line possible shut down 2 Crossing Gate Issues Plague RTD, Denver Transit Partners Want Out

(credit: CBS)

“RTD is in the process of reviewing the notice that was provided,” said Reed.

The letter also states the rail lines have been a test track for state and federal regulators, but in return the lines have never been given full accreditation.

“We believe we are moving forward,” said Reed.

In October 2016, RTD told CBS4 that it hoped the train crossings would be fixed and quiet zones would be established by the end of the year.


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