Update: CBS4 reported on June 1st that VRBO transfered payment to Bob Scott for the spring break rental.

KEYSTONE, Colo (CBS4) – Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer vacation season. Hundreds of thousands of people will vacation in rental properties this summer, many of them found on online listing sites.

Bob Scott has been locked in an email battle with VRBO.com for several months. He’s trying to get paid for a rental he brokered during spring break.

vrbo 1 CO Homeowner: ‘Apparently I Get Nothing For The People Who Stayed In My Condo’

(credit CBS)

“They stayed, gave me a review, five stars, and they liked the place. And everything seemed fine,” Scott told CBS4.

Scott’s account was credited $2,553.01 after a couple rented out his condominium in Keystone for 10 days.

“It was great. I told my wife, I said, ‘Hey, we got paid.’ And we were very excited about it,” Scott recounted.

The renters were charged twice for the trip, and disputed the double billing. VRBO ended up recapturing Scott’s $2,500 for the refund.

“If they paid twice, VRBO should have given back one of the payments and let me keep the other one,” Scott said.

vrbo 2 CO Homeowner: ‘Apparently I Get Nothing For The People Who Stayed In My Condo’

(credit CBS)

VRBO is part of the HomeAway family of online rental websites. The website says they have 1.2 million rental listings in 190 countries. The website also has dozens of testimonials from homeowners who are happy with the service; but, there are also hundreds of complaints online from unhappy homeowners.

CBS4 contacted HomeAway for comment. As a result of that contact, HomeAway said it was reaching out to Bob Scott to reach a resolution.

Scott is frustrated, and wants other homeowners to know there is some risk to online rentals.

“Apparently, I get nothing for the people who stayed in my condo for 10 days,” Scott said.

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  1. That’s ridiculous. Where is the common sense? I’ve used VRBO before without any issues, but to take both of the payments doesn’t make sense at all. They should have credited him back immediately when they realized they took 2 payments. What legal recourse does he have against VRBO I wonder (one that won’t cost him another thousand in lawyer’s fees)? I would think he could take them to small claims court and get it handled quickly.

  2. This story seems incomplete; on the version of it on this evening’s news just a few minutes ago, they showed a screen-shot of an email thread, which included an entry for a denied $3500 (or so) damage claim – but no explanation of what that was.

    We and other owners in our building (in Breckenridge) have rented our condo many times via VRBO (and Airbnb), and while, for both of them, communication and responsiveness in dealing with questions and issues has at times left something to be desired, this seems quite surprising. While the process can be trying to one’s patience, we’ve always been able to get someone on the phone ourselves and eventually get answers and resolutions. In this case, there was no indication from the story that the homeowner had actually called and talked to someone at VRBO.

    Clearly, a mistake was made and if the guests were double-billed they certainly deserved refund of the 2nd payment, but not from the owner (unless they had received both payments). This seems strange….our experience has been that all payments made by VRBO/HomeAway appear in our bank account like clockwork.

    Whatever the full details may be, it’s disappointing for CBS4 to run a negative story like this that reflects poorly on the VRBO system, without being complete. But regardless, I do hope it’s resolved properly, asap.

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