“The Secret Garden” is a musical based on the classic book. The Denver Center Theatre Company’s production runs from April 21st to May 28th at the Stage Theatre. For tickets go to the special page for “The Secret Garden” at denvercenter.org.

DENVER (CBS4) – “The Secret Garden” is about more than just a garden. It is about growth, but it’s also about death and rebirth, loss and redemption, and finding yourself in a simple patch of earth.

“The Secret Garden” (credit DCPA)

Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, “The Secret Garden” is the story of Mary Lennox, orphaned in India, spoiled, rude, and sent to live on her Uncle’s dark estate in Yorkshire Moore. There, she discovers a hidden garden that works it’s magic on her and those around her.

“The Secret Garden” (credit DCPA)

“The setting, the sets, and the stage work are marvelous, moving through the estate and the garden effortlessly,” said CBS4 Critic-At-Large Greg Moody. “So too are the performances, characters and voices that move the story along with both power and emotion.”

“The Secret Garden” (credit DCPA)

“This is a wonderful show with which to introduce your children not only to live theater, but to the notion of mature story themes, that may begin uncomfortably, but are ultimately redeeming,” Moody said.


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