DENVER (CBS4) – Cleanup is underway in Civic Center Park after some people got into trash bags left over from Thursday’s 4/20 rally and threw trash all over the grass and sidewalks.

(credit: CBS)

So far it’s not clear who made the big mess, but an organizer of the rally said he is taking responsibility for it.

“The park had been picked up last night. All the trash had been placed in about 74 big trash bags and I believe last night, from what I hear from Parks and Rec, we had a few people come and dump all the bags out on the park,” Santino Walter told CBS4.

(credit: RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Walter said trash bags from the marijuana celebration should have been cleared out sooner.

(credit: CBS)

“This was my fault, this was a producer mistake. I should’ve at midnight, when I staged all the stuff, I should’ve had it set up to have all the trash bags thrown into the roll-off. So, as bad as the park looks, the one thing that I know is we have a really good cleaning crew that we work with and we have the permit for today so I imagine this will look a whole lot different at noon today.”

The 4/20 rally ran from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Employees with Denver Parks and Recreation were on hand to help deal with the mess, and while it’s unknown who actually took part in making it, some employees from the city department told CBS4 they believe some members of the homeless population are to blame.

Miguel Lopez, another organizer of the rally, says cleanup efforts were stalled Thursday night when a man with a knife started cutting open trash bags.

Lopez said he called the police’s non-emergency line and the man was asked to leave. That’s when he allegedly threatened the contracted cleanup crew with the knife.

Lopez said Denver Police arrived but he declined to press charges and said the man ran off. Denver Police say they have no record of the call or response but did say they responded to an incident at around 2 a.m. about people throwing trash into the park.

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  1. Bunch of dumb potheads. Degraded.

    1. Robert Chase says:

      You illiterate imbecile! Try reading before commenting — or do you enjoy making a complete *ss of yourself?

      1. Bob Breaker says:

        The trash WAS collected FROM the potheads IN THE FiRST PLACE!!!!

      2. Yes, it was cleaned by some POT HEADS, but only after they faced bad publicity. Now compare these POTHEADS to the Tea Party years ago who rallied in D.C. These folks left the place cleaner than when the found it. Perhaps these imbeciles can learn from the Tea Party folks. The mess should not have been made in the first place if they had any respect for the City that allowed them to rally in the first place. Typical liberals. Liberals need to learn manners.

    2. Aren’t they called ‘WALDOS’?

  2. What do you expect from the dirt bags in Denver? Denver used to be such a nice, clean, safe city… when I visited, I felt comfortable walking around downtown. Now when I go, I stay inside at night.

    1. Robert Chase says:

      What a f-ing moron! CBS4 can’t even identify who heads the Festival; it also failed to report that a man wielding a knife ripped open bags of trash that had been gathered and strewed the contents about the Park.

      1. Someone high on pot (dope) did this, no mistake there! This is what the US will look like if all states allow pot. One big country dump!

  3. Hiram Floss says:

    man I wish we “uptight conservatives” were as ecologically concerned and morally superior in every way as those 420 liberals….

  4. Margie James says:

    Looks exactly like Occupy Wall Street after the hooligans finally departed.

  5. Liberals are pigs. I am not being nasty just observe, following any event if it was attended by liberals they leave a mess. If they are of a more conservative ilk, they don’t leave a mess. It’s not even debatable.

    1. You’re 100 % correct. It isn’t debatable, yet here they are as always, blaming others and making excuses. You lefty’s want so much to be viewed as responsible adults…fine. Clean up your act.

  6. Trash, stench, flies. Standard for a Lefty event.

  7. Robert Chase says:

    “So far it’s not clear who made the big mess, but an organizer of the rally said he is taking responsibility for it.

    “The park had been picked up last night. All the trash had been placed in about 74 big trash bags and I believe last night, from what I hear from Parks and Rec, we had a few people come and dump all the bags out on the park,” Santino Walter told CBS4”

    — Santino Walter is not the organizer of the Marijuana Festival (at which cannabis is banned), dimbulbs, Miguel Lopez is!

    Lopez hijacked the Rally for personal gain starting in 2008. By 2014, the City required that he obtain a Festival permit instead of the free, first Amendment permit for protest it had been granted previously. Now what started as Ken Gorman’s protest of the prohibitionists in the Capitol, just two blocks away from Civic Center (who just enacted more felonies and misdemeanors for cannabis this session) has been transformed into an entirely commercial event and is almost entirely apolitical. The movement to end Prohibition in Colorado desperately needs to engage its base in political protest of the ongoing felony status of cannabis under Colorado law (see C.R.S. 18-18-406) and every 4/20 that occurs on a weekday is a fantastic opportunity to do so. Miguel has wasted that opportunity year after year in favor of lining his own pockets — sellout!

    1. bdnsc says:

      Exactly what are you fools protesting? You made it legal for recreational use. Now you appear to be protesting C.R.S. 18-18-406.
      So, to be clear Robby, you have a problem with the above sited law that restricts distribution of more than 2.5 lbs of cannabis or 1 lb of concentrate to minors?

      Like most liberals, You are one seriously f’ed up dude!

  8. Did any of you read the article? the potheads picked up all the trash and someone came by after the clean up and dumped all the garbage. The potheads were probably sleeping when this happened.

    1. Did YOU read the article? Where does it state “the potheads picked up the trash?” it doesn’t. A crew was hired to pick up after the slobs. Approximately 74 bags of trash is what they left behind for someone else to clean up after them.

  9. If the event were held here in Sacramento, the bag dumping culprits would be obvious, It would be the homeless. Three or four can sit down together somewhere and when they leave in an hour or two, it looks like a pickup truck of trash exploded where they were sitting, We are looking more like a third world city every day.

  10. Leftists are dirty, trashy people who destroy everything they touch so this is not a surprise at all. Funny, and sad, thing is they also claim to “care about the environment.”

  11. Alex Gromov says:

    The trash was all begged and waiting to be picked up. Obviously, transients decided to go through the trash looking for “goodies” in the middle of the night.

  12. Rusty Harris says:

    What do you expect?
    Liberals, potheads…anytime they get together, they ALWAYS leave a mess!

  13. illinoisatlarge says:

    So potheads went against form and cleaned up after themselves. LOL. Then conspiratorial saboteurs snuck into the park and under the eyes of patrolling police went through a mountain of garbage bags and emptied everything out. LOL and for cynical emphasis LOL.

  14. Just iike the trash left at the pipeline protest site in North Dakota. Actually, the users dopers generally lean on the government – i.e. someone else – to take care of them. Spoiled rich brats often rely on servants to clean up their rooms and after themselves. Same mentality here. Those evil others should always have to clean up after no judgement, no self respect dopers. Only right.

  15. So conservatives can’t smoke a bowl?

    1. Joe Bean says:

      Of course, we just dispose our stems, ash and munchie wrappers in an appropriate way.

  16. No. This is what a doped up society looks like.

  17. Trey Green says:

    Wow – shocking – a bunch of trash was left….By a bunch of pot smokers….If the city allows this, it is the city’s (leadership’s) fault. How about not letting this event take place?

  18. Jim Speers says:

    Potheads or homeless people?

    To quote a famous has-been politician, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  19. Adam North says:

    What can you expect from Demofascists?

  20. Hilde Bea says:

    What do you expect from drug using stoner losers?

  21. Ethan Wayne says:

    He was supposed to pick up the garbage bags, but he spaced it out. DUDE, WHERES MY GARBAGE? LMAO!

  22. Tom Smith says:

    The dopers mantra “I don’t care. Let someone else do it.” Maybe the new Weed Church in Denver should do a good deed and go pick up the mess so it doesn’t depend on tax payer funding to clean up what these ultimate losers left behind because they were too wasted to care.

  23. Abadon Soros says:

    Stories like this re-affirm the fact that no matter what the left does they will always destroy what’s good in the end. If they got their way 100% of the time they would still find something to hate and destroy. The nature of the liberal left is to be unhappy.

  24. Jeff Morgan says:

    These Progressives whether Greenies, dopers, pipeliners or protesters all have this trash your surroundings as a coomon attribute to their “gatherings”. They all belong in the landfill along with their refuse.

  25. What else can we expect from a bunch of brain-dead, loser, pot head stoners?

  26. I had to google 4/20 rally to find out what it is. Now the story makes sense. Looks like a bunch od degenerate dope heads.

  27. Wow, just wow. Do any of ya’ll actually read? Looks like not so much. They pick up their trash, but leave it to be picked up the following day. Bit of a major error there,particularly when some cranky conservative prohibitionist comes through and decides to undo all their work, for nothing more than the fact that he’s on a power-trip. But let’s blame the homeless. Oh yeah, real classy there. Or let’s make people think stoners are a bunch of junkie people. Boy are you stuck in a time warp. They are even saying it was their mistake and taking responsibility for it and you people still act like trolls. Sad times.

  28. Steve Hollar says:

    These local media sources have got to start understanding that if they are going to post on the Internet, they need to let those of us who live elsewhere know what it’s all about. The 4/20 Rally? For what? If it was for some liberal cause, the trash is perfectly normal. Their rallies tend to produce mountains of it.

  29. Mike Burns says:

    Stoners are noted for being slobs.Too many years of their Mom’s picking up after them……

  30. The difference between Liberal gatherings and Conservative gatherings is always obvious; Conservatives leave their venue CLEANER than when they found it, while Libs always leave trash, and usually are violent as well.

  31. Having a Party on Adolph Hitler’s Birthday, what a bunch of azz clowns.

  32. This is NOTHING compared to the Occupy Wall Street “protests”…

  33. Mark Smith says:

    Leftie pigs. They do the same thing wherever they go.

  34. Rod Hardin says:

    They got trashed and then trashed the place

  35. John McElroy says:

    Without question these people all “love” mother earth.

  36. Paul Lyons says:

    What did you expect from worthless lazy leftist doper Democrats? If you’re “surprised”, then you’re an ignorant, naive fool.

  37. Pete Dosado says:

    Yeah man, it was my fault! Want a drag?

  38. Sam Deakins says:

    The Obama Legacy is everywhere.

  39. hey mannnnn…who left the trash mannnnnnn

  40. Aren’t the leftists supposed to be pro-environment? This just goes to show that is a false assumption

  41. Potheads… Really classy group…. huh?

  42. At least lots of mommy’s basements got cleaned while they were at the park.

  43. Chloe Roo says:

    Liberals are gross. The world would be a better place without them.

  44. Mike Carson says:

    reminds me of the pictures, of Woodstock, after the show was done!

  45. Obviously, they’re all environmentalists.

  46. Chicky Dee says:

    What a bunch of PIGS. I’m glad I don’t live in that vile state any longer.

  47. Welcome to the newest liberal hellhole of this nation, Denver, Colorado. Wherever liberals go a stream of trash follows.

  48. Chas Holman says:

    Drudge Report trolls.. They don’t even read the story before they yap like little dogs.

    What a nasty lot of just angry and lonely people..

  49. blame the right …. we have any festivals in chicago and there is always a mess to clean up ..evidently the trash was collected here but left for any vandals to make this event look bad …
    the trash should have been taken away after it was collected . so whose to b lame …. there are certainly enough people pointing fingers for the wrong reasons … so much for social skills on everyones part

  50. Dave StAmour says:

    Ok, here goes Denver! I’m a 61yo Disabled Veteran that uses Marijuana to control my PTSD & rage. I have attended several 420 Rallies, People’s Fair, PRIDE FEST, Cinco de Mayo & art shows here over the 18yrs I’ve lived here. We voted for legalization & have it now. Denver & our elected officials must get inline with the Prop 64 & embrace Marijuana! Don’t like it, fine don’t use it, but don’t continue to put literal RoadBlocks in our way! The mayor & governor are so against it, but they sure don’t mind spending the Marijuana Taxes (now $3Billion)!!! I saw the trash piling-up, but people were trying to be responsible about litter. I PERSONALLY SOUGHT OUT POLICE & EVENT ORGANIZERS to alert them to the piling-up of refuse. When the festival was over the trash cans were overwhelmed, but tidy piles were evident. NOW LISTEN TO THIS PEOPLE: The mess was overnight when people scavenged through the trash in search of food & recyclables. I attended a City council meeting where the topic was Marijuana & crime. The Chief of POLICE said “the increase in all crimes since Pot was legalized has been ‘negligible’! In other words MINISCULE! Now let’s compare BOOZE; the cost, damages, the police calls, the DEATHS, on and on & on… The comparison it blinding! Even RTD drivers say “I’d rather have a busload of a bus-full of DRUNKS!” Now get off our backs, live your own life & try to be nice! I also fault the MEDIA! Sensationalism is the norm & they’ll pick at anything up to create a story of conflict.