‘Mamma Mia!’ weaves the biggest hits of the pop band ABBA into a love story. It plays at the Buell Theatre April 11- 16th. For tickets and information go to the ‘Mamma Mia!” page at denvercenter.org

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo (CBS4) – For actress Cashelle Butler each night is a pop extravaganza as she takes the stage in the touring company of “Mamma Mia.”

Cashelle Butler from “Mamma Mia” (credit CBS)

“One of my cast mates says sometimes when she’s feeling really tired, she has to put 14-year-old her in the audience, to really keep her going that night. And it almost makes me cry when I think about 14-year-old me in the audience. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is why I’m here at work, and this is what I’m doing this for,'”Butler said.

(credit CBS)

It’s been a long held dream to be part of a show like this, touring the country and hitting theaters like the Buell, but it all started on stages like the one at Cherry Creek High School where she began. Now she’s returned for a day to share her experiences with other theater students.

“I always want to inspire people to be caring and artistic,” Butler said.

Dance lesson at Cherry Creek High School (credit CBS)

Butler met with teacher Jimmy Miller’s theater students on Wednesday to share her time and talents. Many of those students want to end up right where she is, on a big stage doing the work and getting the applause.

Following the question and answer session, Butler also ran a quick dance seminar, teaching a number from the show itself. For the students it was informative, it was fun and it brought a dream just a bit closer: The dream of making the stage their life.



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