DENVER (CBS) – A man accused of running the fraudulent breast cancer charity Boobies Rock! pleaded guilty to failure to file a tax return on Wednesday.

Adam Shryock, 37, pleaded guilty to willful failure to file a tax return in U.S. District Court in Denver.

According to the plead agreement, Shryock created a promotional campaign “Boobies Rock Awareness for Breast Cancer” in February 2011. Between April 2011 and June 2013, Boobies Rock!, operating as a for-profit business, held between 3,600 and 4,500 promotional events selling breast cancer awareness merchandise and accepting donations at bars and sporting events throughout the country.

Adam Shryock (credit: 17th Judicial District DA's Office)

Adam Shryock (credit: 17th Judicial District DA’s Office)

The merchandise included T-shirts, hoodies, koozies and bracelets. Shryock instructed the money from the merchandise sales be deposited into bank accounts or hand delivered to his Castle Rock home.

Cash deposits totaling $1.8 million were made into his accounts over the two years. Shryock used some of the funds to support his lifestyle.

Last year, Shrycok was sentenced in a separate case in which prosecutors say he stole more than $1 million through a scheme involving the sale of donated mattresses. He pleaded guilty to theft and charitable fraud.

Prosecutors say Shryock collected mattresses returned under a warranty program, claiming they were being donated to Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services and distributed to refugees. He was accused of selling most of the mattresses for profit.


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