DENVER (CBS4)– Some lawmakers introduced a bill that would designate Colorado the first Sanctuary State in the country.

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Joe Salazar, a Democrat representing Thornton and unincorporated Adams County, says it’s a push back against what he called “federal over reach” when it comes to immigrant enforcement.

rep joe salazar Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Make Colorado 1st Sanctuary State

Rep. Joe Salazar (credit: CBS)

Salazar also says the bill is about state’s rights.

“What we’re saying is we’re not going to allow the federal government to commandeer, co-opted or otherwise take control of our state and local resources for immigration enforcement,” said Salazar.

xgr sanctuary state sotvo frame 332 Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Make Colorado 1st Sanctuary State

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (credit: CBS)

An opposing bill would have allowed victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue sanctuary cities failed at the state Capitol.

The Sanctuary State bill is almost certain to fail as well. The measure has no Republican support.

Comments (3)
  1. Trudi Fleit says:

    “Federal overreach”?????? I would bet my house that old Blowhard Joe Salazar completely agreed with Obama’s efforts to sue Arizona when it wanted to exercise its “states rights” to enforce federal immigration policy because the feds wouldn’t. But now this idiot is suddenly all for states rights when it’s a Republican president wanting to enforce federal immigration policy. What a hypocritical POS! Go for it, Joe, and accept the scorn of Colorado voters when you lose your precious federal funding for all your pet projects. You know you’re safe from that, though, because the Republican senate is bound to kill this bill. You’re just grandstanding for the benefit of your ignorant supporters. Typical despicable Democrat.

  2. Mark James says:

    Anytime you protect criminals….because ANYONE that breaks the law is a criminal, then you are no longer worthy of being a representative of this state and should resign in shame!

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