DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s Senate has passed a bill to increase the penalty for texting while driving from $50 to $300.

Drivers also would get five points on their license instead of one point under current law.

The bill by Democratic Sen. Lois Court passed 34-1 Friday and heads to the House.

It comes after a woman who was driving drunk and texting on her phone hit and killed a Parker couple riding a motorcycle near Franktown last year. Athina Munoz pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and was sentenced in January to 20 years in prison.

Athina L. Munoz (credit: Douglas County Sheriff)

Athina L. Munoz (credit: Douglas County Sheriff)

Sen. Court thanked members of Coloradans Organized for Responsible Driving, created by motorcyclists after the deaths of Brian and Jacquie Lehner, for lobbying and testifying for the bill.

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Comments (2)
  1. Larry Cardy says:

    love that they passed this bill. from the vote count in the senate it should pass the house easily. lots of people just don’t get how dangerous it is to be on the damn phone when they are behind the wheel. I mean really, you can’t drive from point a to point b without telling every body what your doing. if something is that damn important pull off the road and park it. on top of being dangerous it is down right rude and disrespectful to other drivers.

  2. Alex Andrite says:

    Poor decision Colorado !!
    Read “A Deadly Wandering”, Matt Richtel, regarding the new science of attention in the digital age. This book is about one of the first texting-and-driving cases in the U.S. Chilling.

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