“Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus” runs from February 21st through February 26th at the Buell Theatre. For tickets and a behind-the-scenes video of the puppet elephants go to this special “Circus 1903” page at dcpa.org.

DENVER (CBS4) – One hundred years ago, the biggest day of the year was the day the circus came to town. Now a new show wants to recreate that feeling of excitement for modern audiences.

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"Circus 1903" (credit DCPA)

“Circus 1903” (credit DCPA)

“Circus 1903” is a family friendly theatrical event that harkens back to the days when the circus was the biggest entertainment people had.

"Circus 1903" (credit DCPA)

“Circus 1903” (credit DCPA)

“Because traditional circus is the place where a lot of our popular entertainment came from. Remember, when the circus came to town in 1903 it was like the Olympics, a rock concert, and the Super Bowl all wrapped into one. It was the biggest day of the year,” said Dave Williamson, who plays the ringmaster in “Circus 1903.”

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"Circus 1903" (credit DCPA)

“Circus 1903” (credit DCPA)

The show boasts a collection of top circus performers from around the world, but here presented in a rich and colorful theatrical setting. It takes you into a world 100 years gone.

"Circus 1903" (credit CBS)

“Circus 1903” (credit CBS)

“What we’re doing is we’re telling the story of the circus coming to town in 1903. We’re depicting what it would have been like and felt like to watch the tent go up, to watch the artists rehearse, and then to see the show actually happen and all that goes into it,” Williamson explained. “It’s not a narrative. We’re not doing a play, but there is an arc, a day in the life of the circus.”

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A puppet elephant from "Circus 1903" (credit CBS)

A puppet elephant from “Circus 1903” (credit CBS)

And it has elephants created by the puppeteers behind “War Horse”. Once again, it is rich imagination that pulls you right into the illusion. Magic and acrobats, clowns and elephants, “Circus 1903” carries the look and sensibility of what thrilled us and brought families as well as communities together.