By Britt Moreno

DENVER (CBS4)– A professor at New York University is still reeling from a barrage of angry tweets directed at her after she was mistaken for a Secret Service Agent who was vocal about not protecting President Donald Trump.

“It’s been amazing to see the hatred and the passion that people project on this type of issue,” NYU graduate professor of Public Relations and Corporate Communications Kerry O’Grady tells CBS4’s Britt Moreno.

Kerry O'Grady (credit: CBS)

Kerry O’Grady (credit: CBS)

The professor is the “wrong Kerry” after she says people have inundated her with hundreds of hateful messages because she shares the same name as Denver-based Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady.

That agent is under fire for a social media post she made in October indicating she would rather go to jail than “take a bullet for Donald Trump.”

Kerry O'Grady (credit: Kerry O'Grady)

Kerry O’Grady (credit: Kerry O’Grady)

Now, Professor O’Grady has become a target for hurtful words. She has received hundreds of messages and even had to change her twitter handle and create the hashtag #notsecretservicekerry to dodge the heinous messages.

Kerry O'Grady (credit: LinkedIn)

Kerry O’Grady (credit: LinkedIn)

She is sharing her story with CBS4 to show others what happens when you neglect to read a person’s profile and simply latch onto a name.

“I’m getting her backlash because she deleted her Twitter account. She is a human too and maybe she shouldn’t have said what she wanted to say, but these are so hurtful”.

O’Grady conducted damage control Tuesday which was her first day of class this semester. She admits she has received a few messages of support, but the messages have been mostly mean rhetoric.

“They make me feel really discouraged how people handle their anger,” she says. “The attack on a human being… that is really hard to see. Even though it is not directed at me. It still hurts.”

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