DENVER (CBS4) – One of Colorado’s Electoral College representatives is working on an attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Micheal Baca of Colorado is one of four who are trying to persuade enough of their Republican electors to bail on President-elect Trump.

They are calling themselves “Moral Electors.”

“This is an American issue, and a moral imperative; someone without the requisite qualifiers should not be allowed to become our Chief Executive,” Baca said in a statement.

The four want just enough of their fellow electors to write in another candidate so they can block Trump.

“We are primarily looking for more moderate and responsible Republican candidates,” the statement read.

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“Right now we are in discussions with many other electors of all political views and together are looking at any and all viable options to find and elect a President that will represent, support, and protect ALL of the American people and our laws.”

The pair acknowledge in an interview with Politico that they’re unlikely to succeed when the 538 electors meet at their respective state capitals on Dec. 19.

But, if they did, the decision on who would assume the presidency would be left up to the House of Representatives.

With no candidate receiving the necessary 270 electoral votes to win, the decision would be made by the House of Representative among the top three vote-getters; Trump, Hillary Clinton, and likely one of the write-in candidates.

Hillary Clinton (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

“Our primary goal right now is to educate the public on what it means to be an Elector of the Electoral College and the great burden that we face,” Baca said.

Without the Electoral College, having won the popular vote like Vice President Al Gore in 2000, Clinton would’ve won the 2016 presidential election.

If all of the electors do vote in accordance of their state votes, Trump would exceed the 270-votes needed to become president.

Comments (25)
  1. Glenda Tibbs says:

    you people are idiots i don’t want 4 more years of obama and the american people have spoken its the working people that elected him and you have no say so as to their votes hes elected leave well enough alone

    1. Nearly a million more Americans voted for Clinton than Trump. You are correct when you say the American people have spoken and the majority want Clinton. It is the Electoral College, not most voters, who gave Trump the Presidency. At least have the morality to admit the truth that most American voters did not vote for Trump.

      1. Kim Bailey says:

        Illegal immigrants are not United States citizens. Once their illegally cast votes are removed, Trump will have the popular vote as well.

    2. So full of hate, so void of intelligence.

    3. fnordmeister says:

      @ Glenda Tibbs. So much fail in so many words. (1) You need to re-read the 22nd Amendment. It doesn’t allow anyone to be elected President more than twice, so you won’t have to deal with Obama any more after a few months. (2) Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. (3) Our votes do not elect the President. Once again, you need to look up the Constitution, specifically Article II, to see how the process works. (In short, the vote on Election Day chose who would actually vote for President.)

  2. what absolute joke this man is making of Colorado ……………… he is morally bankrupt

  3. Those that Oppose the election should have voted. We live in a democratic society and the Game Is Over. He Wins, You Lose!

    It’s like saying the Broncos did not Win the Superbowl and you want a flippin’ Do Over because your Carolina Panthers did not win! Whaaaaaaaaaaa…

    Get Over It. Move To North Korea if you want a Dictator!

    1. Bill Engel says:

      Clinton has received almost TWO MILLION more votes than the Trump. The American people HAVE spoken.

      1. Oh yes! Let’s have the heavily populated West Coast and the Northeast dictate to the rest of us. They’re sooo much smarter than we are!
        Have you looked at the final county vote map of the country? Do you see where the concentrations of Hillary voters were? Did you know she only won two complete states? And that the rest of her EC votes come from states, like Colorado, with heavily-populated metro areas that went for her but less-populated areas that didn’t? Tell me that the most populated areas should always get their way. The EC was designed to prevent that, and gee whiz, it still works after 200+ years.

      2. fnordmeister says:

        @ Gerry Santomassimo. Thanks for reminding me why I moved to the big city: to get away from racist, sexist, brain-dead hicks like you. (In case you didn’t know, and I’m sure you didn’t, city-dwellers are citizens, too.)

  4. Time to end the electoral college.
    “This is an American issue, and a moral imperative; someone without the requisite qualifiers should not be allowed to become our Chief Executive,” Baca said in a statement.

    So the average working American is not capable of voting? Only you?

    1. Richard Schauer I agree. If the Electoral College can’t choose the candidate the American people chose, they have no business voting and should not be able to change the outcome despite the popular vote and competency of the candidate ever again.

  5. Susan Scott says:

    Do it and please tell us how we can help!!!! Thank you so much for your effort!

  6. Sal Anthony says:

    Replace this Baca, he is not trying to do good for Americans, he is trying to defeat the hopes of millions that Trump will change what has drastically gone wrong. I say, the Party should remove these two Electors immediately and replace them with the substitutes for the good of our country. These people think that over 60 million Americans are not going to stand by and let two rogue politicians plot their evil ways.

  7. People of the Electoral College – We voted with the understanding that you would do your part in an impartial way, based on the candidate’s competency and the people’s choice. if you do not vote for Hillary, you are not representing the American People. You are not bound to a specific candidate, but replacing Hillary with Mitt Romney or John Kasich really goes against the purpose of the Electoral College and the election process. We didn’t vote for them for a reason.

  8. I am so sick and tired of these people thinking that the voters are stupid and that there is only one person smart enough to decide who our President should be! WELL, JERK FACE, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND WE WANT TRUMP FOR OUR PRESIDENT, NOT SOME CRIMINAL SOURCE WHO SHOULD BE IN THE PENITENTIARY INSTEAD OF THE WHITE HOUSE! GET OVER YOURSELF AND VOTE THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE!

  9. If you removed JUST LA county votes in CA, not ALL of CA, just that one county…Trump would win the popular vote. LA, NY and Miami could determine our president every 4 years if you use only the popular vote… I don’t want ANY of those cities determining MY president.

  10. Thurlow Weed says:

    It is not only an American issue, but an international issue. The very existence of NATO is at stake here; the EU, Australia, and Scotland have already put us on notice, and Turkey has issued a travel advisory. The safety, security, and economic stability of the entire world is at stake. The collapse of NATO would result in the collapse of the West; the other NATO nations and the EU are in the process of planning how to proceed without NATO, and with the US as an enemy state.

  11. In the Federalist Papers 68 from March 1788, framer Alexander Hamilton wrote very specifically about the need for a body of educated and well-informed Electors to assure that the new nation did not fall victim to demagoguery.

    Donald Trump is indeed a demagogue, playing upon the emotions of voters, while not having any plan or policies for his presidency. Trump has no political experience. His resume is filled with failed business ventures and 6 bankruptcies. He lost over $1 billion in 1998. Trump showed than he can be easily baited, with only so much as a critical comment about him causing him to go on an all-night Twitter tirade. Trump’s public admissions of sexual assault and statements showing outright racism have demonstrated that he is manifestly not of suitable temperament or character to serve as President of the United States.

    Hillary Clinton now has more than 1 million more popular votes than Trump. The American people have spoken. The wisest and most democratic course of action for the Electors is to seat Clinton.

  12. While it’s encouraging that Elector Baca recognises the importance of not seating Trump, the suggestion of selecting another candidate who to this point has no popular support will likely result in Trump being seated nonetheless. If no candidate gets 270 electoral votes, the decision falls to the House of Representatives, which would likely seat Trump anyway.

    If Michael Baca wants to be assured that Trump will not be seated, he and other electors should cast for Clinton. The House and Senate will remain in Republican control and function as a check against Democratic Party policies to which he may object.

  13. I do not understand all the LOVE certain people are complaining about. They are certainly not showing it. Help your community get involved with the elderly lady whose driveway is blocked because we are building low income apartments for the poor who have more than one car and no where to park. Give our new president a chance just as I have had to endure Obama nearly erasing the United States as a country

  14. Give Trump Hell…and keep him from the Whitehouse that black men built…Make Hillary Clinton the People’s President, because she is the rightful Electee!

  15. By “reasonable Republican” they must mean Hillary Clinton, right?

  16. John Sampson says:

    What would really be helpful instead of all of this hyperbole is to look at the controlling statute. You know, the LAW??? I refer you to CRS 1-4-304, specifically paragraphs 1 and 5. Baca can’t do what he thinks he can do or wants to do. The law prohibits it. He HAS to vote for Hillary Clinton. That’s what the statute requires. And if he “refuses to act” he is to be replaced. Don’t take my word for it, read the damn law. Also, he’s not a Republican. If he is a “Presidential Elector” of the Electoral College who is to vote in December, he is a Democrat. The way this works as I understand it, is that each party nominates 9 Electoral College “Electors” and also nominates alternates in the event the 9 nominated can’t or won’t serve. If Trump had won the popular vote then the Republican Electoral College Presidential Electors would have met in December. But since Hillary won the popular vote in this state, DEMOCRAT Electoral College Presidential Electors are meeting in December to cast their votes. Also, does anyone know if Michale Baca truly IS a Presidential Elector in the Electoral College or is he simply a shill for the Anti-Trump brigade, paid by George Soros?

  17. Now that November is over,and Trump is picking his cabinet,how do you feel now?I’m not pushing for Hillary either,because she cheated Bernie,and a lot of her votes were Bernie’s, and not because she was so loved.Something terrible happened with the DNC and we got her shoved down out throats.

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