AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– More officers in Aurora will be outfitted with body cameras on a trial basis.

A few officers from the code enforcement and animal protection divisions in the City of Aurora Neighborhood Services will participate in a pilot program during the month of November to study how the cameras impact the officers.

During the pilot project, three code enforcement and three animal protection officers will test the body cameras. All initial testing will be conducted inside city buildings and without public interaction but that may be expanded as the program continues.

“Our goal with this pilot project is to work through any operational issues, develop our internal policies and determine how best to roll out the use of body-worn cameras next year,” said Malcolm Hankins, director of Neighborhood Services, in a statement. “Our officers often confront volatile and potentially dangerous situations. We want to see how the body-worn cameras can assist the officers in gathering evidence while promoting safety for everyone involved.”

A the end of the pilot project, the division will determine whether to continue with equipping all the officers in those divisions with body-worn cameras.

The body cameras buffer 30 seconds of video when they are turned on but only record video and audio when activated by the officer.

All video captured during the testing will be disposed of at the end of the testing period unless a specific case is determined to have evidentiary value to Neighborhood Services or the police.


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