DENVER (CBS4) – A large majority of Coloradans aren’t ready for a single-payer health care system.


Amendment 69, or ColoradoCare, was rejected by voters by a margin of 80 percent to 20 percent. It would have created the first such system in the country.


If it had passed, Colorado would have opted out of the Affordable Care Act and replaced it with a health care plan paid for by a payroll tax.

PHOTO GALLERIES: Election Day In Colorado | CBS4 Behind The Scenes

Employers would have had to pay a new tax of about 7 percent of workers’ wages. Employees would have had a payroll tax of about 3 percent. There would have been no deductibles or co-pays. The funds would have be transferred into a separate authority run by an elected board of directors.

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  1. I guess it would be unreasonable to expect that a TV station that benefitted from the massive advertising campaign funded by the insurance companies would mention that the campaign for Amendment 69 was literally crushed by the roughly 12:1 ratio of that negative advertising.

    ColoradoCare didn’t die because it was a bad plan. It died because the drug and insurance companies will simply toss in any amount of money needed to prevent reform of a system that gives them huge profits, even as it leaves over a million Coloradans unable to afford the healthcare they need.

  2. Wow. Though I haven’t followed this closely, I’m shocked this occurred in liberal CO. Especially, by such a large margin.

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