DENVER (CBS4) – Visitors to the Denver Zoo this week can see a new orangutan in the primate exhibit.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

(credit: Denver Zoo)

Eirina, an 8-year-old female Sumatran orangutan, was brought over from Zoo Dortmund in Germany. The Denver Zoo says she is currently checking out her new home in the Primate Panorama’s Great Apes building.

Zoo officials said they are hoping Eirina will breed with a 14-year-old orangutan at the zoo named Bernas. Eirina was introduced to Bernas, whose nickname is “Junie,” over the weekend.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

(credit: Denver Zoo)

So far the two orangutans are getting along well. Eirina offered Junie treats when they were being held in adjoining rooms and when they were first allowed in the same room they greeted each other with a hug.

The zookeepers working with Eirina say she loves covering herself with blankets.

Sumatran orangutans are a critically endangered species.


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